Window Graphics and Privacy

Using window graphics for privacy? We know, it sounds odd. As a Sign Shop, we don’t usually look for ways to conceal much of anything. Our job is usually to grab attention. The point of a sign is to give information, right?

That’s right. Usually, but let’s talk about window graphics and privacy.

A business that might use window graphics for privacy: an attorney’s office.  Not every attorney works from a huge building with a marble lobby. Saul Goodman may not be the best example, but he’ll do for the purposes of this particular post.

Window lettering
Breaking Bad TV Show Character, Saul Goodman’s office with window lettering.

Saul “Better Call Saul” Goodman is a character from the Breaking Bad TV Show. His office was located in a strip mall on the TV show. For the show, window lettering was used on Saul’s storefront, and the office blinds were always closed tight.

Once Saul’s clients entered his establishment, he gave them privacy while staying within his budget. His privacy method worked just fine, but he also could have tried window graphics that covered the whole window. Just sayin’!
Imagine going to the new yoga studio down the street for your very first yoga class, EVER. When you arrive, you see that this class is so full that participants spill into a waiting area right outside of the main private studio.  You’re looking directly at the hind quarters of 3 late arrivals who are in the Downward-facing Dog position. And then it hits you, “I’M LATE TOO!” You’re about to become the 4th contorted individual in the hallway.

Window graphics can offer privacyFor some people, doing yoga in front of the whole world is totally acceptable, for others, it’s uncomfortable. Some folks just don’t like stretching in a fishbowl. Wouldn’t it be nice if the yoga studio had a window graphic that would offer a little privacy, at least. Maybe the people driving by could see that there are people inside doing yoga, but do they really have to have such clear a view?

Other businesses that might use window graphics for privacy:window graphics for privacy

doctor’s office, dentist offices, restaurant, day care, spa, dance studio and any virtually business that wants to offer a bit, or a lot, of privacy to their customers.

With a full window graphic, you can show off your business without making the current client feel the fishbowl effect.

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