Ways to Use Window Lettering and Graphics

Window graphics and lettering can often be a type of signage that you see so frequently that you often don’t even realize that you are looking at it when it’s right in front of your face. You see the sign, you read the information, you understand the message, but the thought, “I’m looking at a sign” doesn’t always go through your head.

Window Lettering and Graphics
This company chose a window graphic and lettering that would allow passers by to see inside the window.

In many cases, when window lettering and graphics are used, visitors can still see inside the window.  For instance, if you use window lettering on a glass door to share your business hours, two things are happening:

  1. You’re letting the client know when they can find you at your business.
  2. You’re still using your window to show off your business!

The view of the interior of your business is not obstructed, unless you choose for it to be. When you choose a sheer decal material, or because of the negative space surrounding the lettering and/or graphic, the client can still see inside the business window.

Large opaque window graphics covering windows
This client wanted to let customers know exactly where they would be located, but they opted not to show off the interior of the store just yet.

What if you don’t want the client to see inside the window? You can use window graphics for this, too. If you’re doing a remodel and don’t want people to see the work going on inside the building, simply choose an opaque material to use with your message. Just be sure the entire graphic is large enough to cover the entire window.

When you choose large opaque graphics, you’re usually doing so to have some privacy in a specific area, but sometimes there are other reasons.

window graphics and lettering
The right window graphics can even reduce the glare of sunlight.

Have you ever visited a business in a warm sunny location that just happened to have the sun shining directly into a large window for several hours each day?

This may not sound like a very big problem, but there are certain disadvantages to having sun shining straight into your store window, day in and day out. One major disadvantage of direct sunlight through a window all day? The power bill.

If it’s 98 degrees outside, and your showroom is being cooked through glass for 5 hours every day, how hard does your cooling system have to work to keep your employees and customers comfortable? The answer: It has to work pretty doggone hard.

In an upcoming post we will also be taking a closer look at perforated vinyl window graphics. Perforated vinyl window graphics allow a window to be completely covered with your message. People outside the building can’t see inside the building, but people on the inside CAN see outside. This is particularly helpful if privacy is required.