Custom Wallpaper Project

custom graphic wallpaper for interior design reflections
Graphic Wallpaper customizd specifically for Reflections Interior Design

Signs PDQ worked closely with the owner of Reflections Interior Design on a very unique project.

Marissa Matiyasic, the Principal of the decorating firm, came to Signs PDQ with an idea.  Her customer had collected old architectural floor plans of his 1927 home in Shaker Heights. The wide variety of prints featured boiler room, exterior garden plans, elevation drawings of powder rooms, etc.  Marissa knew they wanted to create custom wallpaper that Signs PDQ would digital print instead of framing the prints to be hung on the wall.  The powder room (toilet room) wasn’t a huge space but Marissa and her team at Reflections knew that if the drawings were scaled appropriately they would make a powerful impact as wallpaper on the wall.

Dani, the graphic designer, at Signs PDQ, worked with Marissa to select the drawings that were in the best condition as well as legible and visually interesting.  Dani spent time photographing each drawing and then retouched all the images cleaning up the wrinkles and imperfections that existed in the old prints.  Once that was done, Dani and Marissa worked together to create a grid that fit each wall individually.  The next challenge was getting the correct color.  Marissa had a definite plan for this and was very specific that she wanted a sepia tone.  It took a little time to get the color just right!  As you can see by the photos the outcome was stunning and the home owner was extremely satisfied with  the use of these vintage drawings that showcased the homes architecture.

This is a unique project that is a combined effort of Reflections Interior Design and Signs PDQ.

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