Vehicle Graphics by Signs PDQ

Considering Vehicle Graphics and Lettering?

Since Signs PDQ offers vehicle lettering and vehicle graphics, we get a lot of great questions about these products and services. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite questions. 

Question: I have a compact car. Will you guys please add my business name, logo, phone number, web address, email and a list of my most popular services on the driver’s side door?

Answer: We can do this for you, but we strongly advise against putting this much information on the driver’s side door of your vehicle.


When it comes to vehicle graphics, less is more. Unless a person is standing beside your car, he or she  will probably not be able to read a full paragraph of text on the door of your compact car. 

The back of the vehicle is the best place to have your vehicle graphics and lettering. It makes plenty of sense if you think about it. When you imagine driving down the road in your car and you picture the road from your view, what do you see? The backs of other cars, of course!

The BACK of your vehicle is seen by everyone behind you!

Instead of having too much information on your vehicle, depending on your business name, logo and function, we might suggest that you add vehicle graphics and lettering showing your Business Name, Logo and Phone Number OR website address only. We recommend keeping your vehicle lettering simple. You’re buying vehicle graphics and/or lettering to advertise your business. If no one can read the information on your car door due to the fact that they are looking at a wall of tiny text and graphics- you’re not going to achieve your goal to increase awareness of your brand. 

When you buy vehicle graphics and lettering from Signs PDQ, we want to meet and exceed your signage needs. If you’re adding a message to your vehicle, you want it to be attractive, easy to read and made with high quality and durable materials. You want your vehicle lettering to get attention and bring you more business, we want to help you make that happen!