Vehicle Graphics Make Impressions

Vehicle graphics designed and installed by Signs PDQ in Cleveland, OH make lasting impressions!

Catch A Critter pest control

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering by Signs PDQ of Ohio.

Recently, we had another opportunity to work with one of our long standing and treasured customers, Catch A Critter. When you need animal control and pest control service in Ohio, they are the folks for the job. Catch A Critter specializes in making sure your home is pest free in an environmentally friendly and safe way.

Vehicle Lettering and GraphicsCatch A Critter has trucks driving on the road every day making service calls to their clients homes and businesses 6la9qqa. In fact, they offer 24 hour emergency pest control and animal removal services. While their trucks are on the road traveling to service clients, can you guess what else their trucks are doing? Their trucks are advertising for Catch A Critter! 

Whether the Catch A Critter trucks are traveling down the road, sitting in traffic or parked in view of passers by, Catch A Critter is displaying their business name, logo, website address, telephone number and even a list of their services.

Vehicle Graphics and Impressions?  

Every business that advertises online knows that an impression (in the context of online advertising) is when an ad is fetched from its source, and is countable. The number of impressions your ad gets in online advertising campaign affects how quickly you spend your advertising budget online. Right? 

What if you could pay ONE PRICE, ONE TIME for your ad, yet get thousands of impressions per day, for 3-5 years? Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle Lettering allow you to do exactly that.

Do you need another way to get your business noticed? Would you like thousands of people to see your business information every single day? Do you want your business to be seen as notable and trustworthy? Do you want people to know see “social proof” that your company is serving customers? 

Check out these facts about using vehicle graphics and vehicle lettering to advertise your business:

#1 Leasing your company fleet vehicles? No problem.

Vehicle lettering and graphics can be removed without damaging the vehicle.

Vehicle Graphics by Signs PDQ#2 Any type of vehicle can have graphics or lettering applied.

Signs PDQ can apply graphics or lettering to Cars, Trucks, Vans, Boats (?), ATVs, Buses, and RVs!

#3 Vehicle Graphics give you some of the best Return on Investment (ROI) figures possible.

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering vary in price. Let’s just use a price tag of $500.00, for the sake of having a number to start. However,
please understand that your vehicle advertisement could cost more, or less.

Using a price of $500.00 to add graphics or lettering to a business vehicle, how much are you really paying over 3 years (A wrap often lasts longer though!) per impression?

A few years ago preliminary testing using the TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau) measurement system indicated that individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 – 70,000 daily vehicular impressions. Obviously, the number of impressions your vehicle ad gets will depend on the graphics and lettering appeal, the amount of time your vehicle is on the road, the population of the area where you drive.

For the sake of this exercise, let’s go with the $500.00 dollar Vehicle Graphics or Lettering and let’s use the low end of the numbers from the TAB study.

Roi vehicle graphics - 5 year periodVehicle graphics ROI

Take a look at these possible ROI’s on vehicle graphics.

Your graphics and lettering will more than pay for itself very quickly. When 30,000 people have the
opportunity to see your business, you’re likely to gain business.

#4 Advertising on TV? Or do you wish you could?

Catch A Critter Logo

Catch A Critter Logo – Printed and ready to be applied!

A Cox Communications/Eagle Research study shows that 48% of people viewed vehicle wraps as the most unique advertising medium available and that vehicle wraps and television ads were viewed as the two most memorable mediums.

With a television ad, you have to pay to have it filmed, edited and produced. Then you have to pay for the time slot when you want to show your commercial. This can add up to a very high price, just ask the Super Bowl advertisers.

Once you have paid for your commercial production and you have purchased your time slot, you have to hope that people are watching their TV at the moment that your one minute commercial airs. If they leave the room to refill their drink, you’ve just lost that part of your audience.You had ONE minute and now … that minute has passed.

With vehicle graphics or lettering are being seen any time your vehicle is on the road, or parked in a visible location. Your business name and identity, your website address, your phone number and what you offer can be in front of thousands of potential customers every single day.

#5 Vehicle Graphics and Social Proof

Social proof, or social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. What does this mean to your business?

Seeing your business vehicle on the road is “proof” that your company is doing business. Your vehicle graphics and lettering traveling down the road is proof that your company is a trusted operator in your field.

Your vehicle is a necessity to your business. You’re already using it to make money, why not use your vehicle to advertise, as well as transport your goods and/or services.