A Mini Police Car: Precision Design, Printing and Application of Vehicle Graphics

When we get an order to do custom vehicle graphics or lettering, we always need to know about the vehicle to which they will be applied. This makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Vehicle graphics that fit a Mini Cooper, or a Fiat will not work out quite right on a Suburban, or a Tahoe.

Like we always say, “No job is too big or too small”!

As you may already know, we’ve been very fortunate to be asked to do vehicle graphics for police cars belonging to a number of police stations. In case you forgot that we do police vehicle graphics, it’s ok. We’ve got a few photos at the bottom of this post!

Recently though, one of our friends at the Willoughby Police Department asked us to do a special police car. We’ve done K-9 unit vehicles and all sorts of vehicle graphics for our local police departments, so we thought they probably had in mind some slight variation of what they usually need from us. Nope, they needed something entirely different.

A Mini Police Vehicle! Yes, mini police vehicle graphics. We’ve done lots of full sized cars, but we haven’t actually made mini vehicle graphics before, so we knew this would be fun. Now this had to be identical to the police vehicle graphics we’ve done in the past. The car was a gift for a retiring Willoughby City Official and it was important that he have an exact replica of a vehicle from his very own police department.

How did we do it? We designed them tiny from scratch, printed them out and applied them very carefully. Sounds easy, right? Well, yes and no. We do full size vehicles, so this was very different for us. We had to be as detail oriented as always and be sure not to overlook anything. We just knew that if we missed something the folks at the police department would notice and then the retirement gift might not be as much fun for the honored recipient.

We would be remiss not to mention Laura and Cory, from our Signs PDQ team. These two took this project on with gusto and did a great job in no time flat. Tiny little graphics on tiny little cars is not part of  their usual workload.

And of course, another big thank you to our Willoughby Police Department and to ALL of the police departments out there. Even the departments for which we haven’t done vehicle graphics! The truth is, we are grateful for our police officers and we appreciate the job they do every single day. Protecting and serving our communities is not always easy work, in fact it can be dangerous and probably even frightening. Without our men and women in BLUE, we’d all be lost.

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Signs and Branding for a Child Care Facility

Signs and Branding Noah's Ark Child Care Academy

Signs and Branding Noah's Ark Child Care AcademySigns and Branding for a Child Care Academy, should be as clear, eye catching and attractive as the signage for any business.

When Signs PDQ  got the sign job with Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy, located in Euclid, Ohio, they had a clear vision for their signage and branding.  Noah’s Ark has given a lot of thought to exactly what is best for the children in their care, what they stand for as a company and about their brand.

Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy, opened in 2015 when Otis Thomas, encouraged by his mentor, chose to open a childcare academy committed to caring for, keeping safe and teaching children from 6 weeks of age, up through young school age children.

Before this Euclid, Ohio Child Care Academy opened their doors they took great care to understand exactly what parents demanded in a child care facility, what teachers needed the children to be prepared for once they reached school age. Just as importantly, they considered what would be most beneficial to the children for whom they would care each day.

Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy takes their business and their clients very seriously, and we’re grateful that they do. At Signs PDQ, many of us are also parents, we know how important it is to have a safe, caring and positive environment for children. Noah’s Ark’s branding and signage needed to be convey this message.

We understood and fully appreciated the vision of the folks at the Noah’s Ark, and fully agreed that we needed to have several important factors in mind when choosing their signs, sign materials, sign types and consolidating their branding message.   

Here are just a few of the main points that were important to Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy and to Signs PDQ.

  • Safety – Yes, our signs are safe, but anything that could even possibly be easily pulled, peeled, etc was not an option for Noah’s Ark’s signage.
  • Security – Signage is very important for a child care facility, but it must never block the staff’s view of any possible danger.
  • Visibility – Signs always need to be visible and clear. This is how any business gets noticed.
  • Attractiveness – Not only did the signs need to be clear, they needed to be attractive, colorful and welcoming to both, children and their parents.

After having many discussions, taking many measurements, working within their budget and procuring proper permits, we set about our work.

Branding through signage

Window Graphics, lettering and Branding for A Child Care Facility
Noah’s Ark Childcare Academy Window Graphics by Signs PDQ

Noah’s Ark is located in a free standing building at 567 E 200th Street in Euclid, Ohio. The Academy has large inviting windows allowing passers by to see inside to certain common areas of the building. These windows also allow staff to easily see outside and monitor the parking lot.

Window lettering and Graphics by Signs PDQ
Window Lettering and Graphics by Signs PDQ

The glass front doors of the academy have window graphics and lettering displaying the business name, phone number and hours of operation, as well as the logo.  All while keeping with the Noah’s Ark theme. The entire window graphic, including the animals and the waves, are color matched throughout the design.

The window graphics across the front of the building’s windows are a perfect place to add character to this building and warm it up for the kids. The animal characters and the ocean waves attract attention, making the building easier to notice. It’s no coincidence that the kids love it, too.

The three building facades across the front of the main structure hold a series of backlit signs displaying the name of the company, along with the colorful window graphics. The backlit signs on the building, bring the entire look together. The images below show the building without signs, the inner workings of the back lit signs. The far right image shows the sign being custom created.

Back Lit Building Signs Installation by Signs PDQ
Back Lit Building Sign Creation and Installation by Signs PDQ

The next photo offers another view of how the look comes together with the backlit box signs in place on the building facades.

Back Lit Box Signs
Noah’s Ark’s Back Lit Box Signs Created and Installed by Signs PDQ.

No matter what type of building or business you have, Signs PDQ can help you choose the right signs for your building and location. We can bring your branding together, for your business.  Let Signs PDQ work with you to choose the right signs and sign materials to get your business noticed! Reach out to us today by calling us at 1-440-951-6651. You can also contact Signs PDQ through our contact page.


Window Graphics and Privacy

window graphics for privacy

Using window graphics for privacy? We know, it sounds odd. As a Sign Shop, we don’t usually look for ways to conceal much of anything. Our job is usually to grab attention. The point of a sign is to give information, right?

That’s right. Usually, but let’s talk about window graphics and privacy.

A business that might use window graphics for privacy: an attorney’s office.  Not every attorney works from a huge building with a marble lobby. Saul Goodman may not be the best example, but he’ll do for the purposes of this particular post.

Window lettering
Breaking Bad TV Show Character, Saul Goodman’s office with window lettering.

Saul “Better Call Saul” Goodman is a character from the Breaking Bad TV Show. His office was located in a strip mall on the TV show. For the show, window lettering was used on Saul’s storefront, and the office blinds were always closed tight.

Once Saul’s clients entered his establishment, he gave them privacy while staying within his budget. His privacy method worked just fine, but he also could have tried window graphics that covered the whole window. Just sayin’!
Imagine going to the new yoga studio down the street for your very first yoga class, EVER. When you arrive, you see that this class is so full that participants spill into a waiting area right outside of the main private studio.  You’re looking directly at the hind quarters of 3 late arrivals who are in the Downward-facing Dog position. And then it hits you, “I’M LATE TOO!” You’re about to become the 4th contorted individual in the hallway.

Window graphics can offer privacyFor some people, doing yoga in front of the whole world is totally acceptable, for others, it’s uncomfortable. Some folks just don’t like stretching in a fishbowl. Wouldn’t it be nice if the yoga studio had a window graphic that would offer a little privacy, at least. Maybe the people driving by could see that there are people inside doing yoga, but do they really have to have such clear a view?

Other businesses that might use window graphics for privacy:window graphics for privacy

doctor’s office, dentist offices, restaurant, day care, spa, dance studio and any virtually business that wants to offer a bit, or a lot, of privacy to their customers.

With a full window graphic, you can show off your business without making the current client feel the fishbowl effect.

Contact Signs PDQ today to learn more about window graphics and window lettering. Give us a call at 1-440-951-6651


Ways to Use Window Lettering and Graphics

Window graphics and lettering can often be a type of signage that you see so frequently that you often don’t even realize that you are looking at it when it’s right in front of your face. You see the sign, you read the information, you understand the message, but the thought, “I’m looking at a sign” doesn’t always go through your head.

Window Lettering and Graphics
This company chose a window graphic and lettering that would allow passers by to see inside the window.

In many cases, when window lettering and graphics are used, visitors can still see inside the window.  For instance, if you use window lettering on a glass door to share your business hours, two things are happening:

  1. You’re letting the client know when they can find you at your business.
  2. You’re still using your window to show off your business!

The view of the interior of your business is not obstructed, unless you choose for it to be. When you choose a sheer decal material, or because of the negative space surrounding the lettering and/or graphic, the client can still see inside the business window.

Large opaque window graphics covering windows
This client wanted to let customers know exactly where they would be located, but they opted not to show off the interior of the store just yet.

What if you don’t want the client to see inside the window? You can use window graphics for this, too. If you’re doing a remodel and don’t want people to see the work going on inside the building, simply choose an opaque material to use with your message. Just be sure the entire graphic is large enough to cover the entire window.

When you choose large opaque graphics, you’re usually doing so to have some privacy in a specific area, but sometimes there are other reasons.

window graphics and lettering
The right window graphics can even reduce the glare of sunlight.

Have you ever visited a business in a warm sunny location that just happened to have the sun shining directly into a large window for several hours each day?

This may not sound like a very big problem, but there are certain disadvantages to having sun shining straight into your store window, day in and day out. One major disadvantage of direct sunlight through a window all day? The power bill.

If it’s 98 degrees outside, and your showroom is being cooked through glass for 5 hours every day, how hard does your cooling system have to work to keep your employees and customers comfortable? The answer: It has to work pretty doggone hard.

In an upcoming post we will also be taking a closer look at perforated vinyl window graphics. Perforated vinyl window graphics allow a window to be completely covered with your message. People outside the building can’t see inside the building, but people on the inside CAN see outside. This is particularly helpful if privacy is required.