A Mini Police Car: Precision Design, Printing and Application of Vehicle Graphics

When we get an order to do custom vehicle graphics or lettering, we always need to know about the vehicle to which they will be applied. This makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Vehicle graphics that fit a Mini Cooper, or a Fiat will not work out quite right on a Suburban, or a Tahoe.

Like we always say, “No job is too big or too small”!

As you may already know, we’ve been very fortunate to be asked to do vehicle graphics for police cars belonging to a number of police stations. In case you forgot that we do police vehicle graphics, it’s ok. We’ve got a few photos at the bottom of this post!

Recently though, one of our friends at the Willoughby Police Department asked us to do a special police car. We’ve done K-9 unit vehicles and all sorts of vehicle graphics for our local police departments, so we thought they probably had in mind some slight variation of what they usually need from us. Nope, they needed something entirely different.

A Mini Police Vehicle! Yes, mini police vehicle graphics. We’ve done lots of full sized cars, but we haven’t actually made mini vehicle graphics before, so we knew this would be fun. Now this had to be identical to the police vehicle graphics we’ve done in the past. The car was a gift for a retiring Willoughby City Official and it was important that he have an exact replica of a vehicle from his very own police department.

How did we do it? We designed them tiny from scratch, printed them out and applied them very carefully. Sounds easy, right? Well, yes and no. We do full size vehicles, so this was very different for us. We had to be as detail oriented as always and be sure not to overlook anything. We just knew that if we missed something the folks at the police department would notice and then the retirement gift might not be as much fun for the honored recipient.

We would be remiss not to mention Laura and Cory, from our Signs PDQ team. These two took this project on with gusto and did a great job in no time flat. Tiny little graphics on tiny little cars is not part of  their usual workload.

And of course, another big thank you to our Willoughby Police Department and to ALL of the police departments out there. Even the departments for which we haven’t done vehicle graphics! The truth is, we are grateful for our police officers and we appreciate the job they do every single day. Protecting and serving our communities is not always easy work, in fact it can be dangerous and probably even frightening. Without our men and women in BLUE, we’d all be lost.

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Qualify Signs PDQ on The Blue Book

Signs PDQ is on Blue Book

Qualify Signs PDQ on The Blue Book!


Signs PDQ is on Blue BookWhen planning a Construction project, do you use the Blue Book Network? If so, look us up! (add bluebook logo and signs pdq – click to go to our listing)

Construction projects always need signs! So many types of signs. Some signs are useful, while other sign types are required,

-Yard Signs and safety signs are often needed before even breaking ground.

-Construction and site signs are needed all along the construction journey. 

-Directional Signs are often needed to redirect foot traffic and car traffic safely around the construction site.

-Any number of types of Advertisement signs may be needed during construction to let passersby know what is being built.

-Safety signs!!! Yes, we already listed safety signage, but the truth is, avoiding accidents and damage is non-negotiable, A lawsuit for not posting safety signage could lead to something far worse than making $0 profit on a job that didn’t have proper warning signs. 

-Adding a vehicle to your fleet for a job? We also offer Vehicle graphics and magnetic vehicle signage.

-ADA Signage is always a must. Need to alert building visitors to a ramp? Need to identify a room with braille signage? Yes, of course you do.

If you do use The Blue Book Network, check us out. You will find Signs PDQ under the Blue Book Classifications of:

• Directories & Bulletin Boards

• M.W.B.E.–Signs (Minority Woman Owned Business Enterprise)

• Signs

And, remember to ask us about Wholesale ADA Signage. We make sure that our construction partners get great deals on required ADA Signage.


Ways to Use Window Lettering and Graphics

Window graphics and lettering can often be a type of signage that you see so frequently that you often don’t even realize that you are looking at it when it’s right in front of your face. You see the sign, you read the information, you understand the message, but the thought, “I’m looking at a sign” doesn’t always go through your head.

Window Lettering and Graphics
This company chose a window graphic and lettering that would allow passers by to see inside the window.

In many cases, when window lettering and graphics are used, visitors can still see inside the window.  For instance, if you use window lettering on a glass door to share your business hours, two things are happening:

  1. You’re letting the client know when they can find you at your business.
  2. You’re still using your window to show off your business!

The view of the interior of your business is not obstructed, unless you choose for it to be. When you choose a sheer decal material, or because of the negative space surrounding the lettering and/or graphic, the client can still see inside the business window.

Large opaque window graphics covering windows
This client wanted to let customers know exactly where they would be located, but they opted not to show off the interior of the store just yet.

What if you don’t want the client to see inside the window? You can use window graphics for this, too. If you’re doing a remodel and don’t want people to see the work going on inside the building, simply choose an opaque material to use with your message. Just be sure the entire graphic is large enough to cover the entire window.

When you choose large opaque graphics, you’re usually doing so to have some privacy in a specific area, but sometimes there are other reasons.

window graphics and lettering
The right window graphics can even reduce the glare of sunlight.

Have you ever visited a business in a warm sunny location that just happened to have the sun shining directly into a large window for several hours each day?

This may not sound like a very big problem, but there are certain disadvantages to having sun shining straight into your store window, day in and day out. One major disadvantage of direct sunlight through a window all day? The power bill.

If it’s 98 degrees outside, and your showroom is being cooked through glass for 5 hours every day, how hard does your cooling system have to work to keep your employees and customers comfortable? The answer: It has to work pretty doggone hard.

In an upcoming post we will also be taking a closer look at perforated vinyl window graphics. Perforated vinyl window graphics allow a window to be completely covered with your message. People outside the building can’t see inside the building, but people on the inside CAN see outside. This is particularly helpful if privacy is required.



Vehicle Lettering and Custom Vehicle Graphics

Recently, we added a great post regarding a recent project that we did with Crystal Bloom Weddings on our blog over at the Signworld.org website.

That post shows you how you can turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps by Signs PDQ.  Your vehicles are on the road, in parking lots and in traffic. You’ve got the vehicle, why not let the vehicle do a little more work for your business. Each person that sees your custom wrapped vehicle potentially gives you either, another shot at a potential client or brand exposure.

We think of using vehicle graphics a little something like this… When you have an attractive and informative graphic on your business vehicle, it’s similar to being at a huge business conference 24 hours a day and having every conference go-er that you pass constantly see: your name, contact details and your message.  Let everyone know what your company does.  Awareness is the first step in making a sale. If they don’t know what you’re selling, they can’t buy it. Make everyone that sees your vehicle aware of your products or services using vehicle graphics from Signs PDQ.

No job is too big or too small for Signs PDQ. We’d love to hear from you if you have one vehicle that needs a custom graphic or if you have a nationwide fleet of vehicles that need custom vehicle graphics or wraps.

Speaking of the possibilities of vehicle graphics for large fleets … did we mention that we are WBE and SBE certified? Check us out through the Ohio DAS. You’ll be glad you did and … we’ll be glad to bid on your sign project.

Contact Signs PDQ !!!

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