It’s A Wrap… A Vinyl Wrap Lighthouse!

vinyl wrap on lighthouse

It’s a wrap… A vinyl wrap on a lighthouse!

A vinyl wrap can offer so many possibilities. Did you know that you can even wrap a lighthouse? Yes, that’s right, you can create a custom vinyl wrap to wrap a lighthouse.

A vinyl wrap on a lighthouse! Vinyl Wraps offer so many possibilities. Vinyl Wraps are most commonly applied to cars, trucks, trailers, boats, floors, walls, elevators and more!

Recently we discovered that Hilton Head South Carolina wrapped their lighthouse to commemorate the RBC Heritage Classic Foundation’s 50th Golf Tournament. Normally the lighthouse has a plain exterior, but this year they decided to change the outside of the light house from its usual look to the traditional plaid of RBC Heritage.


The job was obviously very time consuming due to the fact that the vinyl wrap had to be affixed to the stucco exterior of the lighthouse. As you can see, the time and energy was completely worth it! Hilton Head’s lighthouse looks incredible!

Signs PDQ offers Vinyl Graphics.

This has us thinking about other things we might be able to wrap with vinyl! Vinyl wraps are most commonly applied to cars, trucks, trailers, boats, floors, walls and elevators, but why stop there. If you’d like to see if we can wrap something for your business, give us a call. Together we can figure out how to apply a vinyl wrap to your item, just click to give us a call!

Vinyl wraps can go on almost anything you can imagine.

Custom Wall Plaque for Hospital Wing

This beautiful sign is a custom wall plaque created for the maternity wing of a hospital in Uganda. The sign measures 36″ by 48″ inches and was created from Matte Gold and Matte Black materials.  The text for this plaque is laser engraved and the letters are raised.

One of our partners in Akron outsourced this sign to us and we blind shipped directly to the hospital in Africa.

engraved raised gold lettering on hospital wall plaque engraved raised lettering on hospital wall plaque raised letters on wall plaque






Do you need to outsource a sign? Get in touch with us by calling 1.440.951.6651, Or email us at We’re happy to work with other sign shops on outsourcing orders and we even offer True wholesale pricing on ADA Signs.

Manufacturing Wholesale ADA Signs at Signs PDQ

Ever wondered how we make ADA Signs?

If you’ve ever been curious about manufacturing ADA Signs, today is a good day for you!

We’re sharing a video and some photos of the process of making a batch of signs for one of our recent hospital jobs.

A lot of effort goes into the making of ADA signs. The portion of the process that you’re seeing on this post, is actually only a small part of the entire job.

Long before we do any cutting,  painting or assembly we have to be sure that we’ve got every aspect of the job right. However, today we’ll jump straight into the part where we make the signs.

Pantone Color Matching ADA Signage
Pantone Color Matching for ADA Signage (PCM)

One thing that we have to do when we manufacture ADA Signs is match colors of the new signs to the existing signs, or to the company logo, or to the decor of the company buying the signs, or to the architect specs.

Painting a layer of material ADA Signs
This photo shows us painting a layer for one of the ADA signs.

The color the client wants, is the color the client gets. Naturally, we’re very proud of the fact that we can match any color that comes our way. In the case of this hospital job, we used the Pantone Matching Color System, to get just the right colors. The blue in the photo on the left had to be exactly the right blue otherwise, it could easily clash with the blue currently used in the hospital. The point of having a sign is to be useful, visible and attractive. Clashing sign colors can disrupt the branding and decor of a building.

ADA Pantone Color Matched Signage Drying
Color Matched Signage … Drying

When you’ve painted a sign, or anything else, you have to let it dry, right? Imagine painting 100 (or more!) pieces signs and then having to wait for them to dry. The signs that are drying must be protected and allowed to dry. During this time, the signs can’t be bumped or touched and need to be protected from all liquid, dust and debris.

At Signs PDQ, in addition to having a new painting booth, we have several large spaces and racks specifically used as holding area for signs that have been painted and are in the process of drying. Drying time is usually only a few hours, or overnight, but those few hours are important to the final look of the signs we create for the client. If a sign is damaged during the drying process, that is a sign that we can’t send to our client. We would have to spend our time and our money replacing the damaged sign.

Room SignsWe’ve looked at the painting and the drying of these hospital ADA Signs. Once those signs have passed the process of being painted and allowed to dry, it’s almost time to assemble the signs. Not quite though, so far, the blue and the gray sign pieces have no information on them.

Now we have to make sure that we have all of the correct information on the other parts of the signs. That’s not all though, if we have 100 signs and some vary in size, we have to be certain that the correct information goes onto the right sign, of the right size. Since we have been manufacturing signage for many years, we definitely have a system in place to get this done quickly, correctly and efficiently.

that all of the pieces of these signs have been created, carefully color matched using the Pantone Color Matching System, lovingly painted, and have been left to fully dry… we’re still not finished!

Now we have to assemble the pieces of the signs to make them, you guessed it … compliant!

At this point we bring everything together and assemble the signs carefully and correctly, making sure that the pieces are a perfect fit and able to withstand normal wear and tear. Once again, e have to check and double check to be certain that an office sign plate is going on to a conference room plate. Sometimes many of the the signs for a building floor are similar in overall size, but that is no excuse for having the wrong name plate on a sign. Once we finish the assembly of our client’s ADA Signs, we check the signs (again), as we pack them to be sure that nothing was overlooked. Wework hard to avoid having an incorrect sign arrive at a client’s door.

Once the signs are checked and packed, it’s time for shipping. In this particular instance, these signs were delivered bySigns PDQ, personally, to a destination in another state. We offer numerous types of shipping, and we are committed to doing what is needed to get the job done.

Did you know that we offer blind shipping? Do you know what “blind shipping” means? Bear with us for a second while we explain:

Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale sell signs to construction companies, building managers, Operations managers, architects and anyone else who needs a sign, but we also sell signs to, and for, other sign companies.

There are many wonderful sign shops out there that know their business and produce beautiful signage. Sometimes those shops outsource large orders to Signs PDQ. Why do they do this? Usually it’s because they don’t have a certain piece of equipment or they don’t have the space required to paint and dry 100+ sign pieces. They still want to do the sign job because other than the ADA portion of the order, or some other large portion, they have everything they need to an excellent job. This is when they might choose to outsource to a company they know they can trust to get their clients’ signs created correctly and on time.

Blind shipping occurs when we happily allow the sign shop that brought us their order to keep the glory. After all, they got the job, they hired us, we do the work for them and we value their business. We are pleased to act as a silent partner. Guess what else… we get repeat business from those sign shops and we are grateful for it. Repeat business means that we did the job right and they are so sure of it that they stake their reputation on it. We understand this because every sign job that goes out from Signs PDQ, ADA Signs Wholesale or through blind shipping, is an example of us also staking our reputation on our work.

If the blind shipping client is pleased with the work, no one ever knows we were involved. If we ever blind ship signs that that are not good, everyone in our industry will hear about it.

It’s a good thing for Signs PDQ that reputation, integrity and honest business practices are at the top of our list of ideals.

No sign job is too big or too small, contact us today if you would like to get a quote or just get answers to some questions. Give us a call at 1-440-951-6651.

Qualify Signs PDQ on The Blue Book

Signs PDQ is on Blue Book

Qualify Signs PDQ on The Blue Book!


Signs PDQ is on Blue BookWhen planning a Construction project, do you use the Blue Book Network? If so, look us up! (add bluebook logo and signs pdq – click to go to our listing)

Construction projects always need signs! So many types of signs. Some signs are useful, while other sign types are required,

-Yard Signs and safety signs are often needed before even breaking ground.

-Construction and site signs are needed all along the construction journey. 

-Directional Signs are often needed to redirect foot traffic and car traffic safely around the construction site.

-Any number of types of Advertisement signs may be needed during construction to let passersby know what is being built.

-Safety signs!!! Yes, we already listed safety signage, but the truth is, avoiding accidents and damage is non-negotiable, A lawsuit for not posting safety signage could lead to something far worse than making $0 profit on a job that didn’t have proper warning signs. 

-Adding a vehicle to your fleet for a job? We also offer Vehicle graphics and magnetic vehicle signage.

-ADA Signage is always a must. Need to alert building visitors to a ramp? Need to identify a room with braille signage? Yes, of course you do.

If you do use The Blue Book Network, check us out. You will find Signs PDQ under the Blue Book Classifications of:

• Directories & Bulletin Boards

• M.W.B.E.–Signs (Minority Woman Owned Business Enterprise)

• Signs

And, remember to ask us about Wholesale ADA Signage. We make sure that our construction partners get great deals on required ADA Signage.