Tri C

One new building has been built on the Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) main campus in Cleveland, Ohio.  A second,recently purchased building, has been retrofitted with new signage. The first is the Advanced Training & Technology Center (ATTC) the second is the Jerry Sue Thorton Center (JSTC).  Signs PDQ produced and installed many signs for both of these buildings. The challenge and the highlight of this opportunity were one in the same.

Sign Project – Cuyahoga Community College

When entering the buildings one is greeted with welcoming digital-contour cut prints applied to each door.  The message is not the only key to this window graphic, it also matches and promotes the Tri-C brand.  A series of directories are strategically located to navigate visitors and students to their desired locations within the building.  Flagmounted signs are located throughout to identify individual rooms and are easily read when walking down hallways.  Digital graphics designed with the Tri-C colors, are strategically adhered to doors and windows throughout the building. These brand building graphics have a variety of messages that convey what specific rooms are used for as well as directions to various locations.

Each room has individual ADA compliant signage with tactile characters and grade II braille. Many of these room signs have “sliders” that make it possible to interchange faculty names. Naturally each of these ADA/Braille signs are the exact same color used in the other signs described in this article.  Signs PDQ manufactures ADA/Braille engraved signs for buildings such as this.  The restroom signs in the building designate men, women, unisex or handicapped.

When visiting buildings you may now notice that there are many signs that were previously taken for granted.  These signs are necessary to instruct visitors that this is a ‘NO SMOKING” facility, “NO GUNS ALLOWED” and “NO EXIT”.  Often these signs vary in color and design from other signs in the building so that they are noticed.  This project was very interesting due to the wide variety of signage needed.