Apartment Building Signage Project

Mistick Construction, Westerly Apartments and Signs PDQ Working together.Signs PDQ recently worked with Mistick Construction on The Westerly Apartments building, which was originally completed in 1963.  Since the 1963 completion The Westerly Apartments have seen styles come and go, but the time had come for a complete remodel and update. This is where Mistick Construction came into the picture.

Mistick Construction required numerous ADA compliant room signs, wayfinding signs, building directory signs and Monument Signs to make the building easy to navigate, match the design of the building and meet ADA Compliance. Here at Signs PDQ this is exactly the sort of thing we do all the time. We were grateful for the opportunity to help Mistick Construction complete the signage portion of this job.

The Signs PDQ team met with representatives from Mistick Construction to discuss the specific needs of the project. Together we went over floor plans, fabric swatches, paint colors, carpet colors, metal samples, wood samples and every sort of material sample you can imagine.

We completely trust Mistick Construction and their impeccable attention to detail, but we do like to have a look at the job when possible to be certain that we don’t overlook any important details that could affect whether the ADA signage will be compliant. We double checked careful counts and measurements of everything from doors, to light switches, to elevator panels to windows, stairwells and even the parking lot. You name it, if they needed a sign for it, we looked at it. Afterwards we sat down with Mistick to determine exactly which signs would be required, how many they would need and where the signs would be placed.

ADA Room Identification Signage
ADA Compliant Room Identification Signage by Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale.

Naturally, due to ADA regulations, all buildings must have an identification signs for every room. Most people immediately think of ADA Restroom signs when they hear that room identification signs are required.This is absolutely correct, but many other room identification signs are required as well. Got a simple storage room? An ADA compliant sign is required! Got a simple storage room? An ADA compliant sign is required. As you can see from the photo to the right, although the boiler room isn’t intended for residents nor visitors, by law, it must be identified.

The building directory sign for Waverly Apartments, needed to be informative, clear and attractive, but it also needed to be adjustable and resistant to smudges or damage.

Why would a building directory sign need to be adjustable? See Photo below, S4 is clearly the Media Center. S4 may, or may not, always be the Media Center. However, if the building management someday chooses to move the Media Center, or change it’s name, they can simply order new parts for the affected rooms on the sign instead of purchasing an entirely new sign.The Waverly Apartments Directory Signs have been created to grow and change with the needs of the business.

The directory sign is made with a P95 acrylic and features an easy to read glare-free matte finish and the signs are even smudge proof. The letters are tactile raised lettering. ADA Signs often require tactile raised Braille lettering, so don’t forget about ADA Signs Wholesale, our sister company.

Mistick Construction and The Westerly Apartments requested that an image of the building be incorporated into the directory sign. Adding graphics of all types is never a problem for Signs PDQ.

Signs PDQ also created the wayfinding signs throughout the building, as well as the outdoor monument sign. The Outdoor monument sign is made of Brick with Metal Channel letters and a concrete Pillar emblazoned with the logo.   


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