School is Just Around the Corner!

Are you ready for the new school year?

Say the words “back to school” to any kid between ages 5-18 and you’ll probably get a lukewarm response at best. The end of July still feels like the middle of summer, with fall a million miles away… but if school starts on August 28, that means summer break is over in 34 days!

It’s not just students that are hanging onto the last month of summer for dear life… teachers and school administrators are right there with them! Luckily, 34 days is long enough to get some serious work done with time left to relax, so…

Is your school ready for the new school year?

Often when we see something every day, we don’t really notice when it changes over time. That’s why signage is often left too long after it’s become sun-bleached, faded, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Even outdoor vinyl, left too long, doesn’t last forever.

Does your school have outdoor signage that could use a refresh? Most schools have a lot of signage around their outdoor sports facilities, like football stadiums and baseball diamonds. Over the years, that signage takes a beating from weather and student wear-and-tear.

It might be time to replace yours!

New, freshly applied signage with updated graphics helps your school look its best… and for new students walking in on their first day, a brand-new sign instead of an old, faded one will definitely give them a boost of confidence in their new school.

Take advantage of the rest of summer break and give us a call today to schedule a refresh for your school’s outdoor signage.




Check out Mayfield High School’s football stadium sign refresh! We printed up brand-new graphics and installed them to get the stadium ready for the 2019-2020 school year.

We’re a one-stop shop- we design it, print it, and install it, so you can enjoy what’s left of summertime!