It’s A Wrap… A Vinyl Wrap Lighthouse!

It’s a wrap… A vinyl wrap on a lighthouse!

A vinyl wrap can offer so many possibilities. Did you know that you can even wrap a lighthouse? Yes, that’s right, you can create a custom vinyl wrap to wrap a lighthouse.

A vinyl wrap on a lighthouse! Vinyl Wraps offer so many possibilities. Vinyl Wraps are most commonly applied to cars, trucks, trailers, boats, floors, walls, elevators and more!

Recently we discovered that Hilton Head South Carolina wrapped their lighthouse to commemorate the RBC Heritage Classic Foundation’s 50th Golf Tournament. Normally the lighthouse has a plain exterior, but this year they decided to change the outside of the light house from its usual look to the traditional plaid of RBC Heritage.


The job was obviously very time consuming due to the fact that the vinyl wrap had to be affixed to the stucco exterior of the lighthouse. As you can see, the time and energy was completely worth it! Hilton Head’s lighthouse looks incredible!

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This has us thinking about other things we might be able to wrap with vinyl! Vinyl wraps are most commonly applied to cars, trucks, trailers, boats, floors, walls and elevators, but why stop there. If you’d like to see if we can wrap something for your business, give us a call. Together we can figure out how to apply a vinyl wrap to your item, just click to give us a call!

Vinyl wraps can go on almost anything you can imagine.