Is a Vehicle Wrap right for your business?

Surviving in a competitive industry requires a customer base– customers have to know who you are in order to purchase your services. The process of getting noticed can be tricky– who is your target market? Where should you advertise? How much should your advertising budget be?

For businesses whose services involve driving, the answer to these questions is a no-brainer. Advertise with your work vehicle, and everyone you see on your route is now a potential customer.

Getting started

The only thing you need to get started is a vehicle.

If you have an existing logo and branding, great! That puts you one step closer to completion. But if you don’t, it’s no problem at all– our expert graphic design team will work with you one-on-one to put together a concept.

Once we’ve worked with you to create a design that you love, it’s time to schedule a date for installation.

Our install team is certified in vehicle wrapping and have studied the art of wrapping with the nice folks at Avery-Dennison, who manufacture the wrap vinyl that will soon serve as a mobile advertisement for your business!

Understanding what you want

There are a few different types of vehicle graphics available, and they’re suited for different budgets and industries.

Full Wrap

A full wrap is possibly the best way of getting a vehicle noticed. It naturally draws the eye, whether the car is in traffic or parked in front of your business.

Partial Wrap

We often provide partial wraps for our local police officers’ patrol cars. This style of wrap is perfect for identifying a vehicle and providing basic contact information.

The amount of graphics you want on the vehicle is up to you. Keep it simple if your brand is minimal and understated, or get crazy with it!


The small business owner whose work vehicles are kept at their home know that some townships and neighborhoods don’t allow commercial vehicles parked in residential areas.

So how can you advertise your business, get noticed, and still park your vehicle at your home?

Magnets are perfect if your car is a work vehicle during the day and a personal vehicle after hours. Stick the magnet on there to identify your company when it’s needed, and remove it when it isn’t.

Magnets are easily removable, which is convenient for switching back and forth between work and personal use.

This also means they’re not recommended for 24/7 use. Wind resistance plus the buildup of dirt and dust that’s inevitable when driving mean that a magnet’s grip might be weakened over time, causing it to fall off.

Magnets also don’t work for cars with fiberglass or aluminum bodies! Be sure you know what your car’s made of before making the decision to go with a magnet.

How it’s made

A custom wrap deserves a custom design process. We’ll take measurements of the vehicle and formulate graphics to fit perfectly on the available space.

Many other companies that offer vehicle wrapping outsource production. Signs PDQ creates everything in-house on our large-format printer. We know that our graphics meet our standards because we create them! Rest assured that the most durable vinyl on the market is being used for your project.

Time for a change

A full vehicle wrap may seem like a big commitment to your company’s current branding, but it doesn’t have to be. Just as easily as we apply graphics, we’re able to remove them.

Whether you got a new logo or just changed your business’s phone number, we can easily replace your graphics. The vinyl material we use for wraps is specially formulated to stick when it’s wanted and peel off when it’s not.

Start mobile advertising today!

Contact us to discuss which vehicle wrap option is best for your business and your budget. We’ll work hands-on throughout the process: concept and design, printing, and installation.